Open source testing tools!

We have a long experience in Selenium, BDD (Cucumber, jBehave, Behave), Appium, RestAssured, Locust and Hoverfly. So you can find us on Github with a few accelerators. Or on this blog with few articles.

These accelerators are available to everyone to be forked and reused as is. If you have issues or questions please send us your feedback directly in Github by posting a ticket on the right project.

ft-test-factory-demo : Is a demo test factory that run tests on a demo website. This factory provide helper for Selenium, RestAssured. Provide tag and stats helper for Cucumber file. Also you will see a few example of Cucumber scenarios. A small wiki is also available to understand the design pattern.

ft-test-mobile-factory-demo : Is a demo test factory that run tests on a demo mobile app. This factory is using the design pattern as ft-test-factory-demo and focus only on Mobile UI testing. This factory is providing a Appium helper.

ft-demo-website : Is a basic demo website with some rest api function in order to demo the test factory.

ft-test-log : Is an Api that allows you to log all the test run in order to generate later a report.

ft-testlink : Is a dockerized version of TestLink. It is an open source Test Management tool.

Blog articles