Useful documentation on Solman 7.2 and 7.1 and Test Automation

Solman 7.2 and Test Suite


  • Compatibility Matrix (Mainly for SolMan 7.1 but as long you use the CBTA version for latest version of SolMan 7.1 Sp14, it will work with SolMan 7.2)
  • Configuration (Also available in the How-to Guide below)
  • Prerequisites (Also available in the How-to Guide below)
  • Solman 7.2 Test automation overview on CBTA
  • Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) How-to Guide : This how to is a bit outdated and is targeting SolMan 7.1 SP12 and CBTA 3.0 SP4.
    • Create automated test from Business Blueprint (Transaction : SOLAR02) : from page 35
    • Create automated test from Test Repository (Transaction : SOLMAN_WORKCENTER) : from page 82
    • Create automated test in debug mode : from page 107 (it will execute the test step by step with outputs of the object status)
    • Creating custom library/function : from page 153

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